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What is a riser recliner chair?

Riser Recliner Chairs are not solely for those who have mobility issues although those with mobility issues will find them of a great help. They can offer assistance to anybody of any age who would like a comfortable armchair. Often referred to as mobility chairs, these chairs allow for the backrest can be reclined and the legrest can be raised to raise your feet. This adds functionality and comfort for the user.

A riser recliner chair will support users to stand up easily with just one press of a button. The electric riser function will bring you back to your feet with little effort.

Also having the ability to lift and tilt the chair is an important feature. The lift function helps to reduce the distance the user has from a standing position to sitting in the seat. This makes not only getting out of the chair but also getting into the chair easier and safer.

Our Riser Recliners Chairs are available in a number of different colours, finishes, styles and upholstery materials such as fabric and leather.

We also provide various accessories to accompany your rise and recline chair such as over armchair tables and arm rest organisers.

All of our Riser Recliner Chairs come with a free standard courier delivery.

If you or somebody on your behalf is unable to bring your new electric riser recliner chair into your home. You aren’t confident in setting up your new purchase, would like a demonstration of your new product or just want to feel at ease with the comfort of knowing everything is set up correctly and tested, then our Engineered Delivery service is perfect for you.

Are mobility chairs for the elderly and disabled?

Most commonly referred to as mobility chairs for elderly and disabled. However rise and recline chairs can offer assistance to anybody of any age who would like a comfortable armchair that allows them to adjust the backrest and legrest or to rise them back to a standing position.