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Different types of walking sticks that we stock.

Folding Walking Sticks – Ideal for users who want a walking stick that they can fold into a more compact size when not in use. There is a variety of colours and styles available to suit the users taste.

Cane Seats – These canes provide the user with all the benefits of a walking cane but have the added benefit of a strong and comfortable seat when open.

Quad Canes – Ideal for users who are looking for a walking stick that not only provides added stability but also increased user confidence. A unique feature of quad canes are that they have four legs at the base.

Anatomic Walking Sticks – A perfect solution for those who find traditional walking stick handles problematic to hold or cause pain in the hand, wrist or arm. The handles of Anatomic Walking Sticks are shaped in a specific way to fit the contours of your hand. These handles help to distribute the pressure on your hand when using the stick. This should provide a more comfortable walk as it helps to reduce shock, strain and discomfort.

Adjustable Walking Sticks – The majority of the walking sticks in our range have adjustable lengths to ensure they suit a wide range users.

Aluminium Walking Sticks – As these walking sticks are manufactured from aluminium they are extremely strong whilst remaining lightweight.

We also supply accessories for your walking sticks such as spare ferrules and wrist straps.