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What are lightweight wheelchairs?

A lightweight wheelchair is a wheelchair which has been manufactured to be as lightweight as possible whilst maintaining the strength, stability and features of heavier wheelchairs.

To compliment their light carry weights, all of these lightweight wheelchairs can be easily folded to make transporting the wheelchair when not in use much easier. This makes them much more easily carried which is perfect for those wishing to put the wheelchair into their car boot. Not only will these wheelchairs fold down, they all have easily removable leg rests which will help to further reduce the folded size and weight of the wheelchair.

Although these wheelchairs are lightweight, there is no compromise of their strength and robustness. They have all been manufactured with super strong materials such as aluminium or magnesium. These materials are extremely strong without having the added weight which makes them perfect to be used for lightweight wheelchairs. Many of these wheelchairs have impressive maximum user weights which are a testament to their strength.

How much do lightweight wheelchairs weigh?

All of the wheelchairs within our Lightweight Wheelchairs range have been specifically selected due to their light carry weight. Our lightweight transit wheelchairs within this range weigh 9kg to 12kg and the lightweight self propelled models weigh 12kg to 15kg.

Which Lightweight Wheelchair is Best?

When it comes to deciding which wheelchair is best for you, there are a number of things to consider to ensure the wheelchair meets your individual needs. Firstly you will need to decide whether you need a self propelled or transit wheelchair. If the user of the chair would like to propel themselves then you would require a self propelled wheelchair. Should the user not have any requirement to propel themselves and are only to be pushed by an attendant then the type of wheelchair to choose would be an attendant propelled wheelchair, which is also known as a transit wheelchair. Another important feature to consider is the seat width of the chair. It is important to ensure you buy a wheelchair that fits the user comfortably. Another consideration is the ensure the user does not exceed the maximum user weight of the wheelchair. It is also important to check that if you are looking to lift the wheelchair such as putting it in or out of a car boot, that the person who will be lifting the wheelchair is able to lift the weight of the chair.

Which wheelchair is the lightest?

Currently the lightest wheelchair featured within our wide variety of wheelchairs that we supply is currently the Ultra Lightweight Attendant Propelled Wheelchair which has a carry weight on only 9kg.

How much does a lightweight wheelchair cost?

The price of wheelchairs vary depending on the model and their features. We have entry level products that will suit those looking for cheap lightweight wheelchairs as well as models which have more advanced features. The more advanced features on the wheelchair, the higher the price.