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Commonly one of the main reasons people opt for a Travel scooter is the ability to be able to pack the scooter into the boot of a car. These scooters are perfect for those who love to travel and help you to enjoy your journey knowing you have your own scooter with you during your travels.

There are many positives of a smaller travel mobility scooter such as being able to be stored inside of the home due to their smaller size and easy disassembly.

They are an excellent, cost effective solution for those who only require the scooter to make short journeys such as a quick visit to the shops.

These scooters do not need to be registered with the DVLA. However if you are driving your scooter in public it is always advisable to insure them.

We provide all the necessary batteries and chargers as standard with all our mobility scooters.

All our mobility scooters are provided with a complete peace of mind warranty as standard. This warranty includes all parts, labour and engineer call outs to your home at no extra cost in the event of a problem with your scooter.

As travel mobility scooters are easy to setup and simple to use, most people opt for our free standard courier delivery. However, if you would prefer a more personalised service, you may wish to take advantage of our engineered delivery service. Our engineered delivery includes a pre-booked time and day to suit you, with your new mobility scooter being delivered, assembled, checked and demonstrated by an engineer with all packaging being taken away and disposed of.