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What is a self propelled wheelchair?

A self-propelled wheelchair is a type of wheelchair that allows the user to propel themselves due to the large rear wheels.

The majority of models will include quick release rear wheels which allows you to push a button to remove the large rear wheels quickly and easily.

Most models are lightweight and can be split into 3 parts (frame, rear wheels and legrests) to reduce the carry weight even further. The frame will also fold down to a more compact size, making both transporting or storing your wheelchair much more convenient.

Whilst all of the wheelchairs within this range are primarily for the user to propel themselves, the chairs will also have rear push handles. These handles give the option for the wheelchair to be pushed by somebody, the same way as you would with a transit wheelchair.

Are self-propelled wheelchairs difficult to use?

Self-propelled wheelchairs can take a bit of practice to master, particularly if you’ve had limited experience with wheelchairs before. However, once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find that they’re relatively easy and straightforward to use.

What are the advantages of self propelled wheelchairs?

A self propelled wheelchair will provide increased independence, improved mobility and a greater feeling of freedom for the user.

Can self-propelled wheelchairs be used outdoors?

Yes, in fact, all of our self-propelled wheelchairs are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use.