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Not only do we provide high quality scooters from a leading manufacturer at excellent prices, all orders include an enhanced warranty. This enhanced warranty covers you for all parts, labour and engineer call outs to your address for 1 year. This gives you complete piece of mind that in unlikely event of a problem with your mobility scooter, you can be assured the problem will be resolved quickly without any issue.

We also have the facility to be able to provide you with a more personalised service. This service includes a pre-booked day and time for delivery at your convenience with your new mobility scooter being fully assembled, checked and demonstrated by an engineer. They will also take away and dispose of all the packaging for you!

If this sounds like a service you require please see our Engineered Delivery page for more information.

We know how vital of a mobility aid that a mobility scooter is for many people and ensuring they stay in top condition is extremely important. We are also able to offer you any servicing you may require for your mobility scooter. A specialist engineer will perform a 12 point check on your scooter. The engineer will diagnose any problems that may exist or about to occur. We can also arrange for any necessary repairs to be completed.

Insurance can also be provided for your new mobility scooter. We advise it is a good idea to insure you scooter as many of the policies cover you for many useful things such as puncture repair, accidental damage, theft and vandalism. These policies also include 24/7 national accident recovery team that will get you and your equipment home should you become stranded.

About Mobility Scooters

An electric mobility scooter (sometimes referred to as disability scooters) can help you to remain independent. Whether you are taking your scooter on holiday, a short trip to pick up some shopping or a longer journey to visit family and friends. It can give you the freedom to get out and about outdoors whilst remaining safe. Safety, whether in the home, on the pavement or on the road is important for everyone.

All of our mobility scooters are manufactured by reputable leading manufacturers who you can trust.

Folding Mobility Scooters – We have a number of high quality folding scooters, ideal for those who are looking for an easy to travel with mobility scooter that will fit in their car boot. Many people see these folding scooters as the ideal boot scooter. Many of these scooters will fold automatically at the touch of a button and are extremely lightweight. These folding scooters are now many peoples first choice when looking for a portable scooter.

Travel Mobility Scooters – We stock various travel scooters, also known as portable mobility scooters. They are lightweight, perfect for holidays and are easy to transport, because they have been specifically designed to dismantle or fold easily and are compact which also makes them easy to store. Most travel scooters have a maximum speed of up to 4mph.

Pavement Mobility Scooters – The popular pavement scooter can give you the confidence and enthusiasm you need to get and about independently. Whether it be for a leisurely ride to enjoy the fresh air or to make a quick trip to the shops, these scooters will enable you to regain your independence. These are generally bigger than a travel scooter and have more functionality.

6-8mph Mobility Scooters – These scooters are the perfect choice for those who need to travel longer distances or would prefer their scooter to have a more heavy duty suspension for uneven terrain, with a higher ride height to help cushion the bumps. These all terrain mobility scooters are classified as class 3 mobility scooters, this means they are road legal and are suitable to be driven on roads.