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Showing all 4 results

Many of these folding scooters have an automatic folding function. As a result the scooter can be folded or unfolded within a few seconds, effortlessly at the press of a button.

Not only are these portable scooters small in size, they are also lightweight and can be carried with ease. This makes them the perfect mobility scooter to take away with you when travelling. Many customers chose our folding scooters because they are smaller and fit easily into a car boot.

Unlike traditional travel scooters, these mobility scooters do not need to be disassembled into multiple parts for transportation or storage.

A number of these scooters are fitted with airline friendly lithium batteries which means they are suitable for air travel. Many people find taking their own scooter abroad is more beneficial than renting one whilst away.

All of our scooters are supplied with all the necessary batteries and chargers. You will also receive 1 years peace of mind warranty that includes parts, labour and call outs at no extra cost.