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Buy Rollators

If you are looking to buy a rollator, we are sure that our range of rollators will have something to meet your needs. All of our rollators are high quality and qualify for VAT Relief with fast delivery.

What is a rollator?

A rollator is a walking aid that has been specifically designed to assist people with limited mobility, particularly those who have difficulty walking independently.

Most rollators have a lightweight, wheeled frame with handles, four wheels and it often have a backrest, seat and storage basket or bag. Due to them having four wheels this allows users to move forward with greater ease compared to traditional walkers, which require lifting.

How do I use a rollator?

The user can push the rollator in front of them while walking, and most models have brakes to provide added stability and control when needed. The seat allows the user to rest and sit down when necessary and the storage bag is convenient for carrying personal items or groceries. When not in use, the rollator can be easily folded for storage.

Who needs a rollator?

Rollators are most commonly used by individuals with mobility issues due to age, injury, or medical conditions that affect their ability to walk without support. They offer increased independence and safety for users who may need a bit of assistance when moving around.

What types of rollators do you sell?

We stock a large number of rollators, all with different colours, features and styles. Firstly all of the rollators that we stock have height adjustable handles. The advantage of these is that it allows the user to select the best handle height to suit their personal requirements.

Most of our range are lightweight rollators that are manufactured from lightweight aluminium or ultra lightweight carbon fibre. This makes them easier to lift which is ideal for those who put their rollator in their car boot.

Nearly all of our rollators can be folded with ease into a more compact size, making them ideal to travel with and store away at home. The majority of them also include comfortable seats, backrests for support when using the seat and useful storage bags.

Where can I buy a rollator?

If you are looking to buy a rollator, you have come to the right place. We are sure you will find your perfect walking aid at a great price.