Single Motor Riser Recliners

Single Motor Riser Recliners

Single Motor - When the chair reclines, the backrest and legrest move together. The upwards rising function works exactly the same no matter whether the chair has a single or dual motor. Single motor chairs do not fully recline. It is normal for the maximum recline angle to be 45 degrees.

Riser recliner chairs aren't just for the elderly, they can offer assistance anybody of any age who requires a chair for added comfort or to help them back to a standing position from being seated.

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Borg Single Motor Leather Riser Recliner

The Borg Riser Recliner by Restwell is a stylish single motor riser recliner which has been uph..

Ex VAT: £500.00

Inc VAT: £600.00

Capri Single Motor Riser Recliner

The Capri Riser Recliner chair is a real leather chair that delivers high quality at a competitive p..

Ex VAT: £539.00

Inc VAT: £646.80

Chicago Anti-Microbial PVC Riser Recliner

The Chicago Anti-Microbial PVC Riser Recliner is an excellent chair perfect for care,nursing and res..

Ex VAT: £495.00

Inc VAT: £594.00

Chicago Riser Recliner

The Chicago Riser Recliner is a versatile chair that can blend in with any decor. It is an extremely..

Ex VAT: £369.00

Inc VAT: £442.80

Colchester Riser Recliner

This luxurious Colchester Riser Recliner provides the user with the ultimate in soft comfort whilst ..

Ex VAT: £330.00

Inc VAT: £396.00

Cosy Riser Recliner

The Cosy Riser Recliner Chair is a stylish faux leather riser recliner. This single motor riser..

Ex VAT: £399.00

Inc VAT: £478.80

Ecclesfield Riser Recliner

The Ecclesfield Riser Recliner Chair by Aidapt is a single motor riser recliner which will look good..

Ex VAT: £450.00

Inc VAT: £540.00

Elba Single Motor Riser Recliner

The Elba Riser Recliner Chair offers great exceptional value for money with its impressive soft fabr..

Ex VAT: £460.00

Inc VAT: £552.00

Emperor Riser Recliner

The Emperor Riser Recliner will provide the user with an unrivalled level of comfort and p..

Ex VAT: £345.00

Inc VAT: £414.00

Grand Riser Recliner

The ReliMobility Grand Riser Recliner is a luxourious way to relax whilst watching TV or laying back..

Ex VAT: £355.00

Inc VAT: £426.00

Indiana Riser Recliner

The Indiana Riser Recliner Chair has a modern looking and luxurious soft feel Chenille fabric which ..

Ex VAT: £395.00

Inc VAT: £474.00

Larz Fabric Single Motor Riser Recliner

The Larz Fabric Single Motor Riser Recliner is a high quality dual motor riser recliner that is avai..

Ex VAT: £598.00

Inc VAT: £717.60

Lucy Riser Recliner

The Lucy Riser Recliner is a wheat brown coloured fabric riser recliner with a single motor mechanis..

Ex VAT: £479.00

Inc VAT: £574.80

Platinum Riser Recliner

The ReliMobility Platinum Riser Recliner has a high quality soft faux leather upholstery which is av..

Ex VAT: £405.00

Inc VAT: £486.00

Prestige Riser Recliner - Brown

The ReliMobility Prestige Riser Recliner is a beautifully crafted chair, which looks phenomenal in a..

Ex VAT: £410.00

Inc VAT: £492.00