Bath Lifts

Bath Lifts

Our powered bath lifts are designed to make bathing safe and comfortable giving increased accessibility to not just elderly or disabled people but anybody who experiences limited mobility or strength. If you would like to have a relaxing soak in the bath but without the expense of having your bathroom adapted, then one of our electric bath lifts may be the bathing solution for you.

We supply various types of bath lift including removable motor driven bath lifts with rechargeable batteries such as the Invacare Aquatec Orca Bath Lift, Archimedes Bath Lift and the Riviera Bath Lift. Most of these bath lifts have reinforced seats that are securely placed into the bath using suction pads. The seat is then controlled by a waterproof battery powered handset. The user simply sits on the bath lift seat when in the rise position and then effortlessly uses the handset to lower the seat, slowly submerging themselves into a warm bath. When finished the seat can be brought back up to the raised position simply by pressing the button on the handset. Most of these bath lifts have reinforced seats that are securely placed into the bath using suction pads.

We also supply inflatable cushion bath lifts including the Mangar Inflatable Bathing Cushion. The Inflatable Bath Lifts work in a similar way to the aforementioned bath lifts. Simply place the bath lift in the bath and inflate until the seat or cushion is level with the rim of the bath and high enough for you to be able to sit on. Using the handset you will be able to deflate the lifter which will lower you into the water. Once you are ready to get out simply reinflate to raise yourself back up to the bath rim. These inflatable bath lifts are generally easier to remove from the bath than other types of bath lift.

Bath lifts are suitable for both domestic and professional use.

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AquaJoy Junior Saver Bath Lift

The AquaJoy Junior Saver Bath Lift is suitable for use in the majority of baths and provides the use..

Ex VAT: £485.00

Inc VAT: £582.00

Aquatec Orca Bath Lift

The Aquatec Orca Bathlift by Invacare is a popular choice of those looking for assistance and increa..

Ex VAT: £189.00

Inc VAT: £226.80

Aquatec Orca Bathlift XL Powerful Bath Lifter

The Aquatec Orca XL Bathlift with reclining backrest by Invacare is a popular choice of those lookin..

Ex VAT: £449.00

Inc VAT: £538.80

Aquatec Orca F Bathlift with Fixed Backrest

The Aquatec Orca F Bathlift by Invacare has a Fixed Backrest and integrated head support making is p..

Ex VAT: £499.00

Inc VAT: £598.80

Aquila Bath Lift

The Aquila Bath Lift is a safe and effortless way to transfer in and out from the bottom of the bath..

Ex VAT: £355.00

Inc VAT: £426.00

Archimedes Bath Lift

The Archimedes Bath Lift by Mangar is an excellent solution for anybody who needs assistance getting..

Ex VAT: £320.00

Inc VAT: £384.00

Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift

The Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift is an excellent bathing aid which helps the user to get in and out o..

Ex VAT: £209.00

Inc VAT: £250.80

Bellavita Bath Lift

The Bellavita Bath Lift is the lightest battery powered reclining bath lift with a unique front aper..

Ex VAT: £245.00

Inc VAT: £294.00

Mangar Inflatable Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

The Bathing Cushion Bath Lift by Mangar International is an excellent, high quality solution to assi..

Ex VAT: £370.00

Inc VAT: £444.00

Mangar Surfer Bather

The Mangar Surfer Bather is an excellent high quality powered elevating bath lift for children. This..

Ex VAT: £795.00

Inc VAT: £954.00

Neptune Bath Lift

The Neptune Bath Lift is an excellent bath which can be used with most baths including both corner b..

Ex VAT: £349.00

Inc VAT: £418.80

Riviera Bath Lift

The Riviera Bath Lift is an extremely hygienic bath lift. The backrest has smooth, sealed surfaces ..

Ex VAT: £385.00

Inc VAT: £462.00