Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

We stock a wide range of Wheelchair Ramps that have been designed to increase ease of access. These disabled access ramps will allow wheelchair users to access their home much more easily, giving them greater independence and mobility. 

Our wheelchair ramps range includes a number of different types of ramp including telescopic channel ramps, folding portable ramps and threshold ramps.

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3 ft Rollup Ramp With Carry Bag

The 3ft Rollup Ramp is an excellent solution for those who need to gain access to buildings and vehi..

Ex VAT: £75.00

Inc VAT: £90.00

6 ft Smart Ramp

The Smart Ramp has a eye-catching metallic colour finish and is designed to be used with b..

Ex VAT: £250.00

Inc VAT: £300.00

Aidapt Telescopic Channel Ramps

These Aidapt Telescopic Channel Ramps are compact, lightweight, robust and are ideal for providing a..

Ex VAT: £70.00

Inc VAT: £84.00

Channel Ramp with Storage Bag

The Channel Ramp With Storage Bag by Drive Devilbiss is a 7ft channel ramp which is suitable for use..

Ex VAT: £175.00

Inc VAT: £210.00

Folding Ramp - 3ft or 6ft

The folding ramp is an excellent safe solution for anybody who requires disability or mobility ..

Ex VAT: £65.99

Inc VAT: £79.19

Folding Suitcase Ramp

The Folding Suitcase Ramp by Aidapt is a durable but portable ramp suitable providing access to hous..

Ex VAT: £100.00

Inc VAT: £120.00

Lightweight Channel Ramp

The Lightweight Channel Ramp by Aidapt provides easy access to houses and cars for wheelchairs, scoo..

Ex VAT: £178.95

Inc VAT: £214.74

Lightweight Suitcase Ramp

The Lightweight Suitcase Ramp by Aidapt is a robust but portable lightweight ramp suitable for provi..

Ex VAT: £52.95

Inc VAT: £63.54

Threshold Bridging Ramp

This Threshold Bridging Ramp by Drive Devilbiss is ideal for wheelchairs and most mobility scooters ..

Ex VAT: £45.00

Inc VAT: £54.00