Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramps

Here you will find our range of Wheelchair Ramps designed to increase ease of access. We stock a wide range of channel ramps, folding portable ramps and threshold ramps.

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3 ft Rollup Ramp With Carry Bag

The 3ft Rollup Ramp is an excellent solution for those who need to gain access to buildings and vehi..

Ex VAT: £75.00

Inc VAT: £90.00

6 ft Smart Ramp

The Smart Ramp has a eye-catching metallic colour finish and is designed to be used with b..

Ex VAT: £250.00

Inc VAT: £300.00

Channel Ramp with Storage Bag

The Channel Ramp With Storage Bag by Drive Devilbiss is a 7ft channel ramp which is suitable for use..

Ex VAT: £175.00

Inc VAT: £210.00

Folding Ramp - 3ft or 6ft

The folding ramp is an excellent safe solution for anybody who requires disability or mobility ..

Ex VAT: £65.99

Inc VAT: £79.19

Folding Suitcase Ramp

The Folding Suitcase Ramp by Aidapt is a durable but portable ramp suitable providing access to hous..

Ex VAT: £100.00

Inc VAT: £120.00

Lightweight Suitcase Ramp

The Lightweight Suitcase Ramp by Aidapt is a robust but portable lightweight ramp suitable for provi..

Ex VAT: £52.95

Inc VAT: £63.54

Threshold Bridging Ramp

This Threshold Bridging Ramp by Drive Devilbiss is ideal for wheelchairs and most mobility scooters ..

Ex VAT: £45.00

Inc VAT: £54.00