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Uniscan Sizing Guide

Why is walker size important?

The correct size walking frame to suit your personal characteristics is crucial to your safety and comfort. A walking frame is a valuable aid to mobility assistance and one size will not suit everyone.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things you need to consider when ordering your walking frame.

1. The Handle Height – this is linked to the seat height.

2. The Frame Width – we offer four width sizes depending on the model.

3. The Braking System you require.

Locking Lever Cable

The Locking Lever brakes operate like those on a bicycle: To slow down and stop simply squeeze the brake levers, then to lock the brakes prior to sitting, pushdown on the levers.

How to Measure

Seat Height

Find a hard chair with arms (this will simulate sitting and rising from the walking frame seat) e.g. a kitchen or dining chair that you can comfortably sit on and rise from. Then take the measurement from the floor to the seat. This will provide the seat height most suitable for you.

Handle Height

Ideally it is important to maintain an upright posture when using a walking frame. However, this is not always practical or possible and can be dependent on the user’s physical capabilities. In general terms you should not have to reach up or down for the handles; they should be at a level where they are comfortable to grip. To establish the correct handle height follow these simple steps (you may need a little help with measuring):Stand as straight as possible with your arms relaxed by your sides.Measure the distance between your inside wrist (at the point where your hand joins the wrist) and the floor.This measurement is the ideal handle height for you.

Selecting your walker

Once you have your personal measurements for the Seat Height and Handle Height and decided what type of Braking System is best for you, use the Option drop down menus on the walker of your choice to ensure that you get the right Uniscan made for you.

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