Bath Steps

Bath Steps

If you struggle stepping into the bath due to the height of your bath, these bath steps are the perfect solution for you. We have lots of different bath steps that are designed to assist and make getting in and out of the bath easier and safer without having to make expensive adaptations to your bathroom. Our extensive range of bath steps include Stackable Bath Steps, Adjustable Bath Steps, Step Stools suitable for the bathroom and much more.

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Cork Bath Step

The Cork Bath Step is made of sturdy wood and makes stepping over the side of the bath much eas..

Ex VAT: £23.50

Inc VAT: £28.20

Foot Stool

This is a strong and stable chrome plated footstool which has a rubber mat surface. Ideal for use in..

Ex VAT: £23.00

Inc VAT: £27.60

Langham Adjustable Bath Step

The Langham Adjustable Bath Step is a uniquely designed and extremely versatile bath step. Finding t..

Ex VAT: £34.50

Inc VAT: £41.40

Plastic Bath Step Box

The Plastic Bath Step Box is extremely lightweight with an excellent non-slip surface and&..

Ex VAT: £24.00

Inc VAT: £28.80

Portable Bath Step

The Portable Bath Step is there to help you when stepping in and out of the bath whilst enhancing us..

Ex VAT: £18.99

Inc VAT: £22.79

Step Stool With Handrail

The Step Stool With Handrail is an excellent idea for those who require assistance stepping over the..

Ex VAT: £32.99

Inc VAT: £39.59

Z-Tec Aluminium Shower Stool/Bath Step with Anti Slip Top

The Z-Tec Aluminium Shower / Bath Step With Anti Slip Rubber Top has large rubber non slip feet..

Ex VAT: £29.99

Inc VAT: £35.99