Here you will find our range of Powerstrolls. These are units which can be fitted to a manual wheelchair to turn them into mostly carer controlled powered wheelchairs.
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Drive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll

The Drive Medical Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll has battery powered twin drive wheels with 8" b..

Ex VAT: £320.00

Inc VAT: £384.00

Drive Medical U Drive Powerstroll

The U Drive Powerstroll by Drive Medical is a revolutionary powerstroll unit that will convert the E..

Ex VAT: £985.00

Inc VAT: £1,182.00

PWCPP010 Height Adaptor Brackets

Height Adaptor Brackets for the PWCPP010 Drive Dual Wheel Lightweight Powerstroll...

Ex VAT: £36.50

Inc VAT: £43.80

Roma Medical Powerpack

The Roma Medical Powerpack is an easy to operate unit which will aid attendants or carers to push a ..

Ex VAT: £299.00

Inc VAT: £358.80

S Drive Powerstroll

If you are looking to take the strain out of pushing heavy wheelchairs or some assistance when climb..

Ex VAT: £434.00

Inc VAT: £520.80