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Adjustable Foot Stool Special

Adjustable Foot Stool

This Adjustable Foot Stool is perfect for anybody who wants to put their feet up to relax on a comfo..

Ex VAT: £34.20

Inc VAT: £45.60 £41.04

Anti Slip Universal Cutlery Grips Special

Anti Slip Universal Cutlery Grips

The Anti Slip Universal Cutlery Grips have been designed to fit most shapes and sizes of cutlery.It&..

Ex VAT: £10.80

Inc VAT: £14.40 £12.96

Automatic Can Opener Special

Automatic Can Opener

The Automatic Can Opener makes opening cans fast and easy. With the simple click of a button th..

Ex VAT: £11.70

Inc VAT: £15.60 £14.04

Blue Metal Shoehorn Special

Blue Metal Shoehorn

A robust but lightweight Metal Shoehorn in a Blue colour manufactured by Drive Medical. This to..

Ex VAT: £7.20

Inc VAT: £9.60 £8.64

Butyrate Stocking Aid Special

Butyrate Stocking Aid

The Butyrate Stocking Aid by Drive Medical is designed to assist the user to put stockings on w..

Ex VAT: £8.99

Inc VAT: £11.99 £10.79

Dressing Stick With Padded Handle Special

Dressing Stick With Padded Handle

The Dressing Stick with Padded Handle is a handy tool for pulling on and pushing clothes off. T..

Ex VAT: £7.19

Inc VAT: £9.59 £8.63

Drive Explorer Mobility Scooter Special

Drive Explorer Mobility Scooter

The Drive Explorer Mobility Scooter has been developed to provide the convenience and ease of use of..

Ex VAT: £645.95

Inc VAT: £838.80 £775.14

Easy Grip Toe Nail Scissors Special

Easy Grip Toe Nail Scissors

These Easy Grip Toe Nail Scissors by Drive Medical make cutting toe nails easier than using conventi..

Ex VAT: £7.19

Inc VAT: £9.59 £8.63

Egg Decapper Special

Egg Decapper

The Egg Decapper is an excellent little tool to cut the top of a boiled egg cleanly and safely. The ..

Ex VAT: £4.50

Inc VAT: £6.00 £5.40

Elasticated Hem Poncho Special

Elasticated Hem Poncho

The Elasticated Hem Poncho has slots to accommodate wheelchair pushing handles.Simply slot the ..

Ex VAT: £18.89

Inc VAT: £25.19 £22.67

Handy Trolley With Brakes Special

Handy Trolley With Brakes

The Handy Trolley With Brakes is an excellent solution for those looking for a walking aid to use wi..

Ex VAT: £52.20

Inc VAT: £69.60 £62.64

Kettle Tipper Special

Kettle Tipper

This Kettle Tipper by Drive Devilbiss will assist those who struggle to carry the weight of a filled..

Ex VAT: £17.10

Inc VAT: £22.80 £20.52

Langton Open Toe Table Special

Langton Open Toe Table

The Langton Open Toe Table is manufactured of durable steel and the table top has an easy to clean l..

Ex VAT: £32.40

Inc VAT: £43.20 £38.88

Leg Lifter Special

Leg Lifter

This Leg Lifter by Drive Devilbiss is ideal for those who have difficulty lifting their legs.This us..

Ex VAT: £8.99

Inc VAT: £11.99 £10.79

Lifestyle Brush Special

Lifestyle Brush

The Lifestyle Brush by Drive Medical is designed to assist independent personal grooming who may hav..

Ex VAT: £7.20

Inc VAT: £9.60 £8.64