Our offices close on Friday 13th December 2019 until Thursday 2nd January 2020. Please note for orders to be delivered before christmas,
please order by Friday 13th December 2019. Any orders placed after this date we will endeavour to deliver before Christmas however this is not guaranteed.

Shower Seats

ReliMobility are the best around for triangular shower seats, we ensure that every single shower seat we supply is only of the highest quality and from the best manufacturers. Ensuring that the product you receive will be high quality, long lasting and comfortable for years to come.

Whilst we specialise in quality, we don’t have ridiculously high prices either. We work hard to ensure we can stock and quickly deliver all of the high quality triangular shower seats available at excellent, competitive prices without compromising our customer service.

If you have mobility issues that can stop you from showering properly, these stools are built to make your life far easier by allowing you to safely and comfortably sit down within your shower so you can wash even without the need to stand.

If you do have any questions or a problem, we are able to react quickly to try and help you as we best we can. You can contact us via our phone lines on 0800 112 0074, email us at sales@relimobility.co.uk or chat to us directly through your computer, tablet or mobile phone using our live chat feature, which we would recommend doing to hear more about our high quality triangular shower seats.