Patient Handling

Patient Handling

Here you will find our range of patient handling equipment including handling belts, hoists, sitting transfer boards and slide sheets.

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Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid

The Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid by Drive Medical can be used to provide a safer and easier opti..

Ex VAT: £740.00

Inc VAT: £888.00

Casa Lift Hoist

The Casa Lift Hoist is a lightweight and versatile hoist which is easily manoeuvred and accessed due..

Ex VAT: £600.00

Inc VAT: £720.00

Harley Full Body Protector and Face Saver

The Harley Full Body Protector & Face Saver is designed to assist with treating larger or pregna..

Ex VAT: £160.00

Inc VAT: £192.00


The JuleCush combines innovation with practicality being designed to protect carers and healthcare p..

Ex VAT: £89.00

Inc VAT: £106.80

Leg Lifter

This Leg Lifter by Drive Devilbiss is ideal for those who have difficulty lifting their legs.This us..

Ex VAT: £9.99

Inc VAT: £11.99

Mangar Camel Lifting Chair

The Camel Lifting Chair by Mangar International is excellent unit that allows you to both sit u..

Ex VAT: £2,200.00

Inc VAT: £2,640.00

Mangar ELK Emergency Lifting Cushion

The Manger ELK Emergency Cushion is a clever compact battery powered lifting cushion.In the event of..

Ex VAT: £1,300.00

Inc VAT: £1,560.00

Mangar Sit-u-Up Pillow Lift

The Sit-u-Up Pillow Lift by Mangar International has been designed to enable to user to be raised up..

Ex VAT: £490.00

Inc VAT: £588.00

Nylon Reusable Slide Sheets

The sheets facilitate manual handling and help to minimise the risk of injuries to carers, skin tear..

Ex VAT: £10.00

Inc VAT: £12.00

Patient Specific Handling Belts - Pack of 10

This is a pack of 10 deluxe handling belts which work out cheaper than buying them individually..

Ex VAT: £114.30

Inc VAT: £137.16

Washable Roller Slide Sheets

The Washable Roller Slide Sheets are used to reposition people with our high performance slide sheet..

Ex VAT: £12.00

Inc VAT: £14.40