Mobility Scooters Colchester

If you’re looking for a high-quality mobility scooter in the Colchester area remember we stock the best mobility scooters Colchester can offer!

This is because we work closely with many high quality reputable manufacturers, we can offer high quality mobility scooters from major brands, at a price that will surprise you.

When buying from us you can feel safe and have a peace of mind knowing that for a fact you will be receiving a high quality mobility scooter at a great price!

When purchasing our larger pavement or 6-8mph mobility scooters we don’t just offer you a mobility scooter. You will receive our RM Platinum Support Package completely free! This includes an Engineered delivery, meaning that your scooter will be delivered at a time you find convenient, completely assembled and demonstrated by a fully qualified engineer, ensuring everything is set up how you need it and tested to be in full working order.

The RM Support Platinum Package service is provided as optional for our travel mobility scooters, as these are smaller and generally easier to assemble.

But if that was all we offered we would not be the best mobility scooters supplier in Colchester, we also offer:

Free one year enhanced warranty on pavement mobility scooters and 6-8mph mobility scooters, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, our enhanced warranty will cover all parts, call-outs with the engineer coming to visit you if necessary.

We also offer a completely optional set of insurances and warranties through our partner “Mark Bates Premier Care” for those who want the worry free warranty experience to be extended past the 1 year warranty as standard.

As you can see from the above, it is really easy to see why we sell the best mobility scooters Colchester has to offer!