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Archimedes Bath Lift

The Archimedes Bath Lift by Mangar is an excellent solution for anybody who needs assistance getting..

Ex VAT: £320.00

Inc VAT: £384.00

Mangar Camel Lifting Chair

The Camel Lifting Chair by Mangar International is excellent unit that allows you to both sit u..

Ex VAT: £2,200.00

Inc VAT: £2,640.00

Mangar ELK Emergency Lifting Cushion

The Manger ELK Emergency Cushion is a clever compact battery powered lifting cushion.In the event of..

Ex VAT: £1,300.00

Inc VAT: £1,560.00

Mangar Inflatable Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

The Bathing Cushion Bath Lift by Mangar International is an excellent, high quality solution to assi..

Ex VAT: £370.00

Inc VAT: £444.00

Mangar Leglifter

The Leglifter by Mangar is the ideal solution for anybody who finds lifting legs into bed diffi..

Ex VAT: £750.00

Inc VAT: £900.00

Mangar Sit-u-Up Pillow Lift

The Sit-u-Up Pillow Lift by Mangar International has been designed to enable to user to be raised up..

Ex VAT: £490.00

Inc VAT: £588.00

Mangar Surfer Bather

The Mangar Surfer Bather is an excellent high quality powered elevating bath lift for children. This..

Ex VAT: £795.00

Inc VAT: £954.00