Are mobility scooters allowed on roads?

Are mobility scooters allowed on roads?

One of the most common question we are asked by those interested in buying a mobility scooter is "Are mobility scooters allowed on roads?".

The only mobility scooters that can be driven on roads are class 3 mobility scooters. All class 3 mobility scooters must have the following features :

  • a maximum unladen weight of 150kg
  • a maximum width of 0.85 metres
  • a device to limit its speed to 4mph
  • a maximum speed of 8mph
  • an efficient braking system
  • front and rear lights and reflectors
  • direction indicators able to operate as a hazard warning signal
  • an audible horn
  • a rear view mirror
  • an amber flashing light if it’s used on a dual carriageway

You cannot drive in bus lanes, 'cycle only' lanes, motorways or dual carriageways with a speed limit of over 50mph. If you do use your scooter on a dual carriageway, you must use an amber flashing light for visibility.

You must still adhere to the highway code when driving your mobility scooter on the road.

You do not need a driving license to drive a mobility scooter.

There is no legal eyesight requirement to drive a mobility scooter, however you should be able to clearly read a car's registration number plate from a distance of 40 feet. If you require glasses to do so, you must wear these when driving your mobility scooter.

All class 3 mobility scooters new or used must be registered with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). To register the scooter you must complete form V55/4 for new vehicles or V55/5 for used vehicles – the forms are available from the Post Office or via the DVLA online form order service. Road tax for class 3 mobility scooters.

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This information was taken from GOV.UK in October 2019 and was correct at the time of writing. The blog is intended as guidance only.