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Dual Motor Riser Recliners

Dual Motor Riser Recliners give the user maximum flexibility and comfort as it allows you to find your perfect reclined seating position. These chairs are fitted with two motors, one motor to control the footrest and one motor to control the back rest which can be operated independently. This allows the user to find their most comfortable position. 

Not only do Dual Motor Riser Recliners provide the user with a comfortable armchair, they are an excellent addition to the home for those with limited mobility. These chairs can be raised using the handset to assist the user when going from a seated position to a standing position and from a standing position to a level seated position.

We have a number of different designs, upholsteries and colours available for you to choose from. We are sure that one of our Dual Motor Riser Recliners will suit both your needs and budget.

We provide a full 12-month warranty and FREE standard delivery to Mainland UK on all of our products. If you are unable to bring the large item into your home, aren't confident in setting up your new purchase or maybe you require a demonstration of your new product and feel at ease with the comfort of knowing everything is set up correctly and tested. Our engineered delivery service is perfect for you, click here for more information.

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