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Nitro Mini Rollator

A quick guide to Rollators

Rollators (four wheeled walkers) have become a popular choice for those with limited or reduced mobility and provide important support in reducing the risk of falls when walking short and medium distances. 

Over recent years four wheel walkers have been consistently improving and are now produced using lighter materials, although are generally just as strong as their heavier counterparts. These modern day walking aids are easy to manoeuvre as a result of the lighter materials.

In addition to the use of a rollator as a walking aid, almost all models also offer a comfortable seat. The comfort level of these seats have been improved in recent years by many manufacturers. Not only has there been greater focus on seat comfort but also on improved security of the user when sitting on the seat. Most rollators now therefore include back rests which provide additional support.

Other features which can be found on rollators:

  • A folding frame for space saving storage or easy transportation.
  • Handbrakes – There are three main types of brake found on walking aids. The most common type of brakes is ‘cable brakes’ that look and work in a similar way to typical bicycle brakes. There are also ‘reverse brakes’ which have a locked-brake mechanism that the user must unlock by squeezing the brake handle. ‘Pressure brakes’ are the least common, in order to operate the user must exert enough weight on the rollator frame to engage the brakes. 
  • A bag or basket for carrying items 

Fun Facts

  • The idea for Wheeled Walkers originated in Scandinavia.
  • The rollator was invented in 1978 by Aina Wifalk who was of swedish nationality and had a condition called polio.
  • The generic term ‘rollator’ was once a brand name.

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